mattress protector

Suppose you have a great mattress, a soft sheet on it, and you probably have accessories like a fluffy pillow or a puffy cushion, so do you need a mattress protector? The answer to this question is a resounding yes.


Not only are mattress protectors the first line of defense for your mattress, but the benefits of using them include cost-effectively increasing the mattress life and improving sleep quality by reducing allergens. In addition, they are much, much easier to clean than a mattress.


"Having a protector to prevent the transfer of stains on your mattress acts like insurance," says Stephen Ferguson, business director at Mattress.

We will tell you a few reasons why you need a quality mattress protector and how you can choose the right one for you.


1_ Waterproof

When choosing a mattress protector, waterproof and moisture resistance are undeniable features. Sweat is not just water, it is also made up of salt and uric acid fat, which can break down your mattress faster. What makes mattress protectors waterproof is a thin rubber membrane on the back of the mattress that acts as a barrier. It acts solidly.


2_ Anti-allergy

Check the product description to see if any ingredients you are allergic to are used. Make sure the protector covers the walls of the mattress as well. An anti-allergy mattress protector should completely cover your mattress to prevent dust and other allergens from entering.


3_ Comfortable and quiet

The mattress protector should not wrinkle under you, disturb you during sleep, and disturb your comfort by making noise. Mattresses made of plastic are non-breathable and do not allow air to pass well. The ideal mattress protector should not give the person lying down the feeling of having an extra object.


4_ Made of thin and breathable material

Polyurethane materials are very thin with a flexible membrane that allows the mattress protector to make no noise during sleep. It also has more breathability and allows air to pass through, making you comfortable during the night. For those who warm up during sleep, there are also mattress protectors with cooling properties that can help with this.

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