Which food should we not eat during the day?

Which food should we not eat during the day?

Ever thought that the cause of your drowsiness during the day might be because of the sleepy foods you crave? Many people guess that only yogurt and buttermilk are the cause of daily boredom, but many other foods are also the cause.

The food you eat is directly related to your sleep. Just as some foods and drinks keep you awake (like coffee!), Others prepare you for a nap. These are not only great meals and fast foods that can make you sleepy during the day but also seemingly healthy foods that can make you drowsy. If you have recently felt tired and sleepy after a meal, it is best to limit your intake of these five foods throughout the day.


cherries:This fruit is naturally rich in the hormone melatonin, which controls your sleep-wake cycles. An extra dose of melatonin can send a signal to your body that it's time to go to bed, so eat cherries (as well as cherry tart juice, which also has high levels of melatonin) instead of a snack after dinner.


Bread:Carbohydrates cause your blood glucose levels to jump rapidly (that's why you get energy all at once). But when this glucose level starts to drop, you will most likely have a drop in energy that prepares you for a nap. Processed carbohydrates (such as white bread) are more likely to cause drowsiness, while whole-grain bread is less likely to cause it.


Dark chocolate:This is bad news for those who like chocolate. Bitter chocolate, even if it has caffeine, contains serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help calm you down. Interestingly, milk chocolate does not contain serotonin and makes you feel more alert.


Turkey:Non-fat proteins such as turkey, fish, chicken, and low-fat cheese are high in tryptophan, an amino acid that increases serotonin levels.


Bananas:The potassium and magnesium in bananas are a major cause of drowsiness. They help to relax the muscles and send you to the dreamland. Instead, look for orange because its citrus scent can be energizing.