Benefits of sleeping with a pet (dog)

While there have been years of debate about whether or not our pet should sleep with us, many studies show that sleeping with your pet can be beneficial for you. The animal's body heat, constant heart rate, and protective nature can help relax when sleeping together.

Here are some benefits of sleeping with your dog.


1_ Strengthen theta brain waves

Due to the fact that sleeping with dogs increases the flow of oxytocin, this also has a great effect on the depth of our sleep. Sleeping with a dog boosts theta brain waves, which occur during the REM phase of sleep. Studies have shown that when dogs are with their owners, their heart rate synchronizes. This is another proof of the calming effects that the presence of a dog can have on the human brain. So, the next time you sleep near your dog, imagine your heart beating at the same time and you experience the deepest sleep.


2_ Increase the sense of security

Feeling safe can play an important role in how well you sleep. A recent study examined why having a pet in bed has a positive effect on women's sleep quality and found that it makes them feel more secure and comfortable.

Think about protecting your dog's instincts. They will notify you immediately if unexpected events occur during sleep. Although this can be a problem for overly protective or sensitive dogs, knowing that their dog protects them will help them sleep better.


3_ Eliminate insomnia

There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night! The good news for those who suffer from anxiety insomnia is that having a dog in bed can help.

Studies show that having a dog in bed can help with insomnia by reducing anxiety, balancing sleep alertness, and reducing hyperactivity. All this creates a better mood and environment for sleep.


4_ Reduce the feeling of loneliness

Especially for those who live alone. Sleeping alone can make you feel depressed and upset. What better way than to sleep with your pet's natural body heat to fight loneliness?

While some people prefer to go out alone, recent studies show that many people, especially those who are single, know that the presence of a pet helps them sleep much more comfortably. Your dog's companionship, safety, and comfort can be a great reason to sleep with them.