choosing the suitable mattress

choosing the suitable mattress


The value and importance of sleep are clear for everyone because humans spend 1/3 of their lives in sleep. Choosing the right mattress will help you relax during sleep and thus improve performance in your daily activities. The important factors for choosing a mattress are as follows:


1-the sleeping habit

2- age

3- health state

4- weight

The Sleeping Habits

We have 3 categories according to which direction a person tends to sleep the most:

·        First, we look at people who often sleep on their side. These people will not be only on one side during sleep and will move from one side to another side. Feeling comfortable for those who sleep on their side is extremely important because they need a mattress that is soft enough to support their body curves. A mattress that is too stiff causes back pain, neck or shoulder pain. Mattresses with pocket spring or memory foam and HR pads are offered to these people.

·        Mattress strength and support are two very important parameters for those who sleep on their backs. A mattress that is too soft does not apply the desired amount of pressure. Also, if the mattress does not support the curvature of the spine, the person's spine will not align as standard, which can lead to long-term back problems. The proper stiffness for the mattress is such that it can create the anatomical state of the spine. Of course, people with high back pain need mattresses with memory foam pads or HR.

·        People who sleep on their stomachs put the most pressure on the mattress. These people need a mattress that creates an equivalent pressure equal to the force applied. If the middle part of the body sinks into the mattress due to too much softness, the person will experience the curvature of the spine, which can cause back pain and other problems. These people should choose a mattress whose surface is as flat as possible.


People’s age:

A mattress suitable for children is a soft mattress with anti-allergy and antiperspirant fibers. Soft to medium mattresses are recommended for young people and usually relatively firm and medical mattresses for middle-aged people.


Health State:

If you have a health problem such as disc, back pain, or curvature of the spine, be sure to consult your doctor to choose a mattress and its firmness and softness. However, it is recommended that these people use medical or medical-spring mattresses.


People’s weight:

The weight of individuals is a very important factor that affects all of these categories. Those who are normal weight can use soft to medium mattresses. However, heavy people should use stronger mattresses with more strength due to creating more force.